Lisa and I were both on the fast track to success for many years. 

I (Vanessa) went to an Ivy League school, graduated top of my class, worked on Wall Street, got my MBA from Stanford…eventually I got to this point in my career where I had climbed to the top of the ladder only to realize….crap! Wrong ladder!  

Lisa had a similar experience running marketing at a fast growing tech start up. She was named a woman to watch in the leading trade publication, but the stress, long daily commute and lack of sleep were taking a toll on her body and mind. 

We were both busy and "successful", yet unsatisfied and exhausted. 

Lisa and I were both people who did well in school and at work, we tried hard and were used to pushing ourselves. We were shocked to discover how many of our beliefs about success were pushing us unnecessarily. And what’s the point of all this success without fulfillment?

What are some of YOUR biggest success myths?

The good news is, once you name and acknowledge these patterns, they lose their power over you. And that’s the first step in creating sustainable success.

Check out our video to learn 6 surprising myths about success... so you can avoid them like red wine on a white couch.

AuthorVanessa Loder