Class 2

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Bonus Guided Meditations for Class 2!

Ideal Life Visualization

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Class Two - Recap of Action Items

ACTION: Complete your Success Ritual each day.

ACTION: Share the affirmation that you created in class on the Facebook group. Provide feedback to each other to ensure that all affirmations meet the criteria in the affirmations checklist. It’s ok if it’s a work in progress, the point is to get feedback.  Notice if you are trying to have the “perfect” affirmation and allow yourself to receive the support of the group.

ACTION: Listen to the 25 minute Ideal Life Visualization to gain deeper clarity on your ideal vision through step by step instructions in all areas of your life.  Journal about your ideal vision and your experience after completing the audio. Then write your narrative and have it ready for class

BONUS ACTION: Place your goal board in a prominent place in your home or save a picture on your computer or phone for easy reference. Look at your goal board for a few moments every day and take two deep breaths.

BONUS ACTION: This week as a part of your 4 minute routine, listen to the “Achieve New Heights with Confidence” and “Access Super Power Strength Within” audios on the above to strengthen your “feeling muscle.”  

BONUS ACTION: Just like Jim Carrey did, write yourself a check for whatever it is that you’d like to create in your life. This can be especially powerful to do after completing the Ideal Life Visualization. In case you need a refresher on Jim Carrey’s powerful story on visualization, check out his short interview with Oprah:

Download Class Notes & Action Steps Here

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