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Complete MBA Curriculum + Exclusive Bonuses
  • 5 module complete MBA Curriculum

  • Live Deep Dive group Coaching Calls with Vanessa and Lisa

  • Class Workbook with Notes and Action Steps

  • Access to Private Online Forum to connect with community of like-minded women leaders

  • BONUS: Deeper Sleep For Increased Energy Audio ($29.97 Value)

  • BONUS: Ideal Life Guided Visualization ($29.97 Value)

  • BONUS: 30 meditations to transform habits ($99 Value)

  • BONUS: One ticket to the 3-day in-person "MBA 3 Day Foundations - Live!" (led personally by Vanessa and Lisa) ($2,000 Value)

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What People Are Saying About the MBA Program


The MBA Program helped me hone in on the specific goals I want to achieve and made me realize that those goals are completely possible and within my control.... I recommend this program to anyone who feels stuck or limited in any way. - Nathalie Corredor, Google, San Francisco, CA


Before completing the MBA program, I truly believed anxiety, perfectionism and fear of failure were giving me my edge and driving my success.... So you can imagine how relieved I was to discover there is an easier way! Lisa and Vanessa have given me the tools and strategies I've been searching for to replace negative drivers with positive motivators, without losing my edge. - Sarah Hawkins, Sydney, Australia



Lisa and Vanessa gave me the tools to gain clarity on what I really want in my life, and (just as importantly) to pursue them in a sustainable, easier, effective way.... I admit that I was very skeptical at first.... It was a leap for me to sign up for MBA, but I’m very glad I did. You will be too. - Sarah Larcker, Vice President, Account Planning at Digitas Health, San Francisco, CA


I was looking for a new job while participating in the MBA program and, through the exercises and meditations, was able to clearly define what I wanted out of my next job and how I wanted it to fit into the rest of my life.... I highly recommend the MBA program to anyone seeking clarity in the midst of a life transition. - Lauren Struck, New York, NY

I signed up for the MBA program during a professional and personal transition. I needed clarity on what I wanted, and then simple tools to help me reach these goals. Vanessa and Lisa’s program led me to accomplish both of my objectives, and so much more, in just 6 weeks! ... Their insights and tips truly made me feel “un-stuck” and allowed me to move forward and accomplish things. One week after I completed the program, I accomplished my first goal! ... Take this class - you won’t regret it! - Erika Edelson, Retail Executive, San Francisco, CA


You have a full 30 days to see if the MBA Program is right for you. If you determine that it’s not, just let us know, we’ll get your money back right away. No harm, no fault, no hard feelings.