Self-Compassion Break

When you notice that you’re feeling stress or emotional discomfort, or you become aware of your inner critic, see if you can find the discomfort in your body. Where do you feel it most? Make contact with the sensations as they arise in your body.


Now, say to yourself, slowly:


1.    “This is a moment of suffering”

That’s mindfulness. Other options include:
•    This hurts
•    This is tough
•    Ouch!


2.    “Suffering is part of life”

That’s common humanity. Other options include:
•    Other people feel this way
•    I’m not alone
•    We all struggle in our lives


3.    “May I be kind to myself”

See if you can find words for what you need in times like this. Other options may be:
•    May I accept myself as I am
•    May I give myself the compassion I need
•    May I learn to accept myself as I am
•    May I forgive myself
•    May I be strong
•    May I be safe
•    May I be patient


If you’re having trouble finding the right words, imagine that a dear friend or loved one had a similar difficulty as you. What would you say to that person?


Now see if you can offer the same words, the same message, to yourself.



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