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Step 1: Call in your spirit guides. Choose a topic or question for them. We recommend calling in your guides using some expression or prayer.

Here is an example: I call upon my spirit guides acting in my highest interest to help me empower myself. Please protect me at all times and ensure that all information comes from the highest source for the highest good.

Step 2: In your journal, write an observation to begin your dialogue (example: I'm thinking of taking a vacation)

Step 3: Picture your guides in the room and address your observation to them

Step 4: Wait a few seconds and say what comes into your mind (example: You know, I've always wanted to go to Paris)

Step 5: Repeat with a few seconds break as many times as you need (example: October would be a good time to go. I can take a side trip to London, etc.)

Step 6: Write your final analysis below your original statement so you can look back on previous dialogues.


Remember to jot down your quick, gut reaction rather than spending too much time getting stuck in your head or analyzing it.