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What is MBA?

Mindfulness Based Achievement, The New MBA, is a revolutionary curriculum designed to teach women how to lean in without burning out. Women today feel a lot of pressure to succeed in all aspects of their lives. This pursuit of “having it all” causes many of us to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, busy and burned out.  At its heart, The New MBA is a new way of being in the world.

It’s about creating success that is sustainable.

What is The MBA Online Program?

The Mindfulness Based Achievement Program is the leading online resource for high potential women leaders. 

This essential 6-week program gives women a personalized roadmap for creating sustainable success. We cover a lot of ground over those six weeks and women come out the other end with greater clarity and forward momentum. 

There are five modules to the MBA Program

1.  Mindfulness, Taking Responsibility, and Connecting to Your Values

2.  Conscious Goal Setting and Getting Clarity on What You Want

3.  Moving Through Fear and Resistance

4.  Self-Compassion and Willpower

5.  Productivity and Time Management

BONUS: Creating Your Personalized Roadmap

Why MBA?
In their own words, women describe why they chose to invest their time and energies in the MBA experience:

Nathalie Corredor, Google, San Francisco, CA

The MBA Program helped me hone in on the specific goals I want to achieve and made me realize that those goals are completely possible and within my control. I can have everything I want and get it in an easier way. I recommend this program to anyone who feels stuck or limited in any way. 

Katherine Harbin Clammer, Source Capital, LLC, San Francisco, CA

Lisa and Vanessa bring an amazing combination of research, data and personal experience to teach this material in a way that makes it both simple to understand and a joy to attempt. 


Sarah Larcker, Digitas Health, San Francisco, CA

Like many women striving for success in my career, I read “Lean In.” I found it inspiring but also daunting. “How in the world am I supposed to lean in any harder than I already am?” Lisa and Vanessa gave me the tools to gain clarity, and to pursue them in a sustainable, easier, effective way. 

Denali Lumma, Salesforce, San Francisco, CA 

The MBA program has given me tools for accepting increasing duties at work, and for dealing with stress and conflict in my personal life.  

The MBA program has made a HUGE difference in my ability to perform at work under major stress.

The MBA Program is:

  • An entirely unique program created and taught by experts on mindfulness, women’s leadership and well being Vanessa Loder and Lisa Abramson

  • Delivered via phone, video, and written materials so you can participate from anywhere in a way that works with your schedule

  • A six-week women’s leadership and professional development journey


The powerful MBA curriculum is:

  • Part inner work to help you start taking responsibility, overcome fears, practice self-compassion, and clarify your vision

  • Part practical training in skills for increasing productivity, improving communication and habit formation

  • Part supportive and inspiring community of high achieving women looking to live a life of success with ease

The MBA Program is for you if…

  • You’ve achieved a lot, but you’re also feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, anxious or drained by the end of the day and you know your path is not sustainable

  • You’re approaching or in the middle of a big life transition and it’s causing you to question your priorities

  • You know you want a change, but you need help getting clear on what that change will look like