Exclusive To Grads - Inner Circle MBA Membership!

Connect with Lisa and Vanessa in a LIVE Session Every Month  


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Oh hey... that sounds fun! 

What is the Inner Circle MBA Monthly Membership?

During these monthly 60 minute sessions, we’ll be giving you inside access into the latest and greatest things we’re integrating into our business and our curriculum and what we’re struggling with ourselves as we create Success With Ease. 

You’ll hear first hand our most recent personal stories, struggles, as well as the tools, books, resources and daily habits that we’re using to get unstuck ourselves.  

We’ll also be spending lots of time doing deep dive Q&A as well as giving you a chance to receive individual laser coaching. 


From these live sessions, you will be able to:

  • Reinforce what you learned in the MBA Program 

  • Ask any burning questions or new issues that come up as you continue to apply what you learned

  • Stay "on course" on the path to mindfulness

  • Feel inspired and motivated by Vanessa and Lisa

  • Connect with a like-minded group going through similar challenges

  • Keep the momentum going! 

You don’t have to prepare anything for the calls, just join and see what’s up for you that week and how that session’s teaching, tools and insights apply to your life.

You’ll get your personal questions answered and you’ll also get to hear the questions from other MBA grads, and frankly this is when we’re at our VERY, VERY best, live, unscripted answering your questions. 

We will be having a lot of fun and getting an amazing amount done on these calls - so you’ll go back to your day grounded, energized and ready to tackle what’s thrown at you with ease. 

Plus you’ll get the recordings of these Membership sessions. This way you can go back through the questions your fellow MBA grads have had and you can sit with our answers and how we approached the questions. 

We’ll cover so much ground in these calls that you’ll want to listen to them again and again!

So join today, and keep a good thing going! And knowing us, we'll throw in some AMAZING bonuses for our members too!

Inner Circle MBA Monthly Membership Session Schedule

Calls will take place 12-1pm PST on the following dates: August 17, Sept 21, Oct 19, Nov 16, Dec 14.

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