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September 2015 MBA Program + Exclusive Bonuses
  • 5 module complete MBA Curriculum

  • Live Deep Dive group Coaching Calls with Vanessa and Lisa

  • Class Workbook with Notes and Action Steps

  • Access to Private Online Forum to connect with community of like-minded leaders

  • BONUS: Deeper Sleep For Increased Energy Audio ($29.97 Value)

  • BONUS: Ideal Life Guided Visualization ($29.97 Value)

  • BONUS: 30 Meditations to transform habits ($149.97 Value)

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Straight from the horse's mouth!

What People Are Saying About the MBA Program


The MBA Program helped me hone in on the specific goals I want to achieve and made me realize that those goals are completely possible and within my control.... I recommend this program to anyone who feels stuck or limited in any way. - Nathalie Corredor, Google, San Francisco, CA


Before completing the MBA program, I truly believed anxiety, perfectionism and fear of failure were giving me my edge and driving my success.... So you can imagine how relieved I was to discover there is an easier way! Lisa and Vanessa have given me the tools and strategies I've been searching for to replace negative drivers with positive motivators, without losing my edge. - Sarah Hawkins, Sydney, Australia



Lisa and Vanessa gave me the tools to gain clarity on what I really want in my life, and (just as importantly) to pursue them in a sustainable, easier, effective way.... I admit that I was very skeptical at first.... It was a leap for me to sign up for MBA, but I’m very glad I did. You will be too. - Sarah Larcker, Vice President, Account Planning at Digitas Health, San Francisco, CA


I was looking for a new job while participating in the MBA program and, through the exercises and meditations, was able to clearly define what I wanted out of my next job and how I wanted it to fit into the rest of my life.... I highly recommend the MBA program to anyone seeking clarity in the midst of a life transition. - Lauren Struck, New York, NY


What is the MBA Program?

The MBA Program is a self study program that shows you step-by-step how to create sustainable success - in life and business. We cover a lot of ground over those six weeks and you'll come out the other end with much greater clarity and forward momentum. 

I cannot stop talking to all my friends about this class and only wish it had lasted longer.  Lisa and Vanessa bring an amazing combination of research, data and personal experience to teach this material in a way that makes it both simple to understand and a joy to attempt.   I always knew I should meditate, but it felt hard and intimidating.  Lisa and Vanessa have a gift for making it fun and easy and also for giving us assignments that felt manageable – not just one more overwhelming thing on the “to-do” list.  - Katherine Harbin Clammer, Source Capital, LLC

Why do you need it?

Because we all want and deserve to “have it all”...on our own terms. The pursuit of trying to do it all has left us exhausted, stressed out, unsatisfied and generally frustrated. You get a lot done...and yet can’t seem to find balance, not to mention “me” time. You’re always planning ahead for work and social events, but when was the last time you took space for yourself and dedicated it to planning and creating the life you want?


You’re wondering if your current situation is sustainable....we’ve been there. And we’ve figured out the tricks to replace this feeling that you can never do enough with a sense of calm and confidence in the choices you make.


You want happy and healthy relationships, a rewarding  and stimulating job with the potential for growth, a sense of calm, and physical and mental well-being. We’re here to tell you that you CAN have all of that...without sacrificing yourself or your sanity in the process.


Whether you want to create more calm and balance in your current situation, or gain clarity on your next steps and move through a transition, we have the tools to support you.


The results of that experience have been beyond my wildest expectations.  I am able to handle stress and uncertainty in a way I never thought possible.  I set audacious goals, and I continue on in the face of obstacles.  My productivity, commitment and passion for my work has increased many hundreds of times over. - Denali Lumma, Uber


The MBA program introduced me to the research behind meditation and that helped me intellectually embrace it even if i don’t have a robust practice yet. Also, I learned how important self-compassion is. Instead of just push push push, I learned that I need to be gentle with myself. A lot of what's presented in the MBA program is really cutting edge. I think we'll look back in 5-10 years and see that everyone is practicing this to thrive. - Lindsay Walsh, Diamond Director at Stella and Dot

What makes MBA the best program?

Rather than just tell you, we’ll show you how to create success and balance in work and life...without sacrificing yourself or your sanity in the process. We call this new way of being Success with Ease and it includes online tools, one-of-a-kind exercises, meditations, and practical resources curated and developed after searching far and wide for the best solutions for people like you. From quick fix exercises to deeper ones that lead to those HUGE “aha” moments that you’ve been hearing about (or you’ve been waiting for), we’ll get you set up for sustainable success IN THE REAL WORLD.


We get it, you don’t have a ton of time and you want results, so our tools were created to give you the biggest bang for your buck.  


All this sound too good to be true?


We were skeptics ourselves, but then we gave all this stuff a try and after seeing the results, we became fanatics….our lives were never the same! (read more about our stories below). Our cynical side was even further appeased by the scientific research that backs up what we’ve been experiencing first hand and teaching for years.


Not to mention, the stories from the thousands of people who’ve taken the MBA Program speak for themselves…we’re blushing from all the nice things people have said about our program.

I signed up for the MBA program during a professional and personal transition. I needed clarity on what I wanted, and then simple tools to help me reach these goals. Vanessa and Lisa’s program led me to accomplish both of my objectives, and so much more, in just 6 weeks! ... Their insights and tips truly made me feel “un-stuck” and allowed me to move forward and accomplish things. One week after I completed the program, I accomplished my first goal! ... Take this class - you won’t regret it! - Erika Edelson, Retail Executive


The MBA program helped me realized that no dream is unattainable as long as I take responsibility for my actions and make a commitment to myself. I might not be 100% sure of what my true dreams are but I have a better picture of where I want to get to and how I want to get there and this program was a big part (and still is) of the discovery process.  - Maura Jeffery, Airbnb Inc


How the MBA Program Works

Work at your own pace: Though we recommend working through the 6 modules over six weeks for maximum effectiveness. But if you need more time, no worries, the course is yours to keep and revisit whenever you’d like.


Learn how you learn best: The program is multimedia and is delivered in video format, an audio download, guided meditations, one-of-a-kind exercises, detailed action steps to keep you on track, and a written summary. Plus live coaching calls - get airtime to ask questions about your specific situation. We won’t be dishing cookie cutter advice, we’ll be actually giving you the tools and resources so you can tackle your situation with confidence. We definitely believe that it’s most important and most helpful in the long run to teach a person how to fish. No pre-packed frozen lean cuisine salmon with basil dinners, because that’s just gross.


Mobile and Tablet Friendly: The program can be viewed online or on your device and watched on the go.


Revisit and Review as Much As You’d Like: Want to take your time, or review the program again in January as part of your new year goal setting? Go for it, the materials are yours to keep.


Join our Community:  You’ll have the option to be partnered with a Buddy to support you through the program. We recommend you touch base weekly either through text, email, phone or Facetime. your call! And, hey, you might even end up with a new friend, woohoo!


But wait, there’s more! We just couldn’t help ourselves... We’ll also throw in our most popular meditations including Deep Sleep - a relaxing audio for night time and power naps ($29.97 Value), a BRAND NEW Extended Future Self Visualization ($29.97 Value), and 30 short guided meditations ($149.97 Value) that correspond with each week’s topic.


There are five modules to the MBA Program:

1.  Why Mindfulness Matters, Taking Responsibility + Connecting to Your Values

2.  Conscious Goal Setting + Getting Clarity on What You Want

3.  What Stops You? Moving Through Fear and Resistance

4.  Self-Compassion & Willpower

5.  Productivity & Time Management

BONUS: Creating Your Personalized Roadmap

Details on the 5 MBA Program Modules

Module 1: Why Mindfulness Matters, Taking Responsibility + Connecting to Your Values

To kick off the program, you’ll complete a Values and Life Pie Assessment. The Values tool helps you gain clarity on your top values so that you can more easily make choices aligned with those values. The Life Pie assessment helps you take a step back and look at your life from a broader perspective in order to identify where you most want to focus. 

Vanessa and Lisa will share their personal stories of overwhelm and exhaustion and the lessons learned for how to lean in without burning out. Attendees will participate in a powerful exercise called “From Complaint to Commitment” to stop complaining and get unstuck. You will also learn a morning ritual that creates the conditions for success for your entire day.


Module 2: Conscious Goal Setting + Getting Clarity on What You Want

Vanessa and Lisa will walk you through a proven three step process for gaining clarity on your goals and taking action to make your vision a reality.  This session will help you uplevel your potential by harnessing the tools of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Based Conscious Goal Setting as well as the unique power of a supportive group. You will learn seven different tools for visioning that will teach you how to unlock a bolder vision for your life.


Module 3: What Stops You? Moving Through Fear and Resistance

There is a reason why we don’t already have the things we most deeply desire. We all have some form of fear or resistance that is keeping us stuck. Learn how to move through this resistance by reframing fear and adopting a success mindset. 

Uncover some of your most deeply held beliefs and trace them back to their source in order to shift them. Create a new belief based on your desires rather than the message you received from society, family and friends growing up. Connect with your discomfort and fear in the “Befriending Your Feelings” exercise in order to get unstuck. Uncover the ULPs that are getting in your way and unconsciously stopping you in your tracks. Once you release these blocks, you will be amazed at the joy and love that flows in.


Module 4: Self-Compassion & Willpower

By cultivating self-compassion, you will walk away from this session with greater willpower and self-confidence. Vanessa and Lisa share some very compelling research as well as practical tools and guided meditations to help you cultivate greater self-compassion. 

You’ll also learn how to set goals and make choices from an Eco vs Ego perspective. Have you ever burned out before reaching a goal? Or worse, chase something only to get there and realize it wasn’t as great as you’d hope it would be? You’ll learn a powerful framework to evaluate your goals so you can stay true to your values while accessing greater willpower and resilience. 


Module 5: Productivity & Time Management

Have you ever noticed how, despite all the advances in technology (or because of them!) everyone is more distracted and busy than ever before? Being busy has become a sign of prestige and a way in which we measure our self-worth, and this has devastating consequences.

Learn the most common traps that people fall into around time and the surprising research around productivity. You’ll walk away with practical tools and action steps to manage your time more productively and lead a more fulfilling life. 


Bonus: Creating Your Personalized Roadmap

Vanessa and Lisa have each spent years searching out the best tools and resources for creating success with ease, and will guide you through the creation of a personalized roadmap that will be your cheat sheet for years to come. 

The MBA Program offered an exercise that fostered unimaginable personal growth; it was truly a life-changing experience. The group dynamic provided a safe haven to explore what was missing in your life. By sharing my fears and self-imposed limitations to a group of like-minded supporters, I learned how to accept them, combat them and ultimately benefit from them. During the Program, I accepted a dream job (and negotiated well :)), I found a meaningful romance and I realized my goal of traveling alone to learn how to surf. It's hard to believe that this is only the beginning but I now know that happiness, satisfaction and ease are boundless. - Kate Botler, Senior Manager of People at Lyft

After the MBA Program, you can expect to...

  • Feel a sense of purpose and clarity around the choices you make

  • Create a bigger, clearer vision of what’s possible for you

  • Have daily practices and habits that keep you on track

  • Feel more confident in everything you do

  • Access your own inner wisdom quickly and reliably

  • Let go of the fear and self-limiting beliefs that have held you back in the past

  • Be able to access your inner coach instead of your inner critic to get sh*t done

  • Feel supported by a community of people who bring out your best self

September 2015 MBA Program + Exclusive Bonuses
  • 5 module complete MBA Curriculum

  • Live Deep Dive group Coaching Calls with Vanessa and Lisa

  • Class Workbook with Notes and Action Steps

  • Access to Private Online Forum to connect with community of like-minded leaders

  • BONUS: Deeper Sleep For Increased Energy Audio ($29.97 Value)

  • BONUS: Ideal Life Guided Visualization ($29.97 Value)

  • BONUS: 30 Meditations to transform habits ($149.97 Value)

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You have a full 30 days to see if the MBA Program is right for you.

If you determine that it’s not, just let us know, we’ll get your money back right away. No harm, no fault, no hard feelings.