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Guided Visualization

Speak with Confidence

An Introduction to Grounding

Gain clarity on what you in your life in under six minutes. (5:48 min)

Three steps to have a more powerful presence as a speaker. (12:56 min)

An effective technique to have you feel more centered and calm in your life. (5:15 min)

Stress Buster

Melt you stress away in four minutes. (4:10 min)

Boost Confidence

Build resilience and boost willpower by reflecting on past success in overcoming obstacles. (5:02 min)

Triumph Over Fear

Cultivate courage to overcome fear in just five minutes. (5:44 min)

Loving Kindness

Open your heart to love in five minutes. (4:42 min)

Grounding Level II

Release objects and energy that are no longer serving you. (5:58 min)

Access Your Super Power Strength

Feel the strength within your body and the support of those around you. (4:07 min)

Five Minutes of Gratitude

Appreciate success to allow for more. (5:26 min)

Grounding Level III

Let go of others people's energy that has affected you negatively. (7:59 min)

Class Four: Loving Kindness

Open your heart and practice self-care with the time honored tradition of loving kindness. (12:02 min)

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