Trying to access a meditation from our most recent 30 Day Challenge?

They are no longer available for free, but you can purchase them (& get exclusive bonuses) below.


Make these 30 Day Challenge Meditation audios a permanent part of your collection, so you can meditate on your own schedule.

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Bonus! Deeper Sleep Audio

Bonus! Extended Future Self Visualization

30 Day Meditations + Deep Sleep + Future Self

This simple download makes it easy to meditate on your own schedule with all of the 30 Day Challenge Meditation audios.

- Download & Stream all 30 Day Challenge Meditations to listen anytime, anywhere on multiple devices including your smart phone, tablet or home computer

- 30 Day Meditation Audios use sound healing music created by Mytrae Meliana to support your body and mind in deep relaxation and healing on a vibrational level.

- BONUS: Download and stream Deeper Sleep Audio ($29.97 value)

- BONUS: Download and stream 28 minute Extended Future Self Visualization ($29.97 value)


About Downloading and Streaming:

- Download the meditations to listen without an internet connection.

- Stream the meditations to enjoy the complete online experience via an internet connection.

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What People Are Saying About the Bonus Deep Sleep Audio

Jesse Draper, CEO, Valley Girl, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

I have been using the Deeper Sleep audio as well as some of your other guided meditations regularly. They work like a DREAM, literally! Love, love, love them! They make me feel better about life! Thank you so much for sharing these powerful audios! I'm so excited about what Vanessa and Lisa are doing with Mindfulness Based Achievement!

Sheila, Pennsylvania 

Ladies, the deep sleep meditation is awesome. Thanks!!!!!! I really do feel refreshed. I woke up before my alarm clock and feel great.

What People Are Saying About the 30 Day Meditation Challenge