Letter of Self Compassion

  1. Think of something you are currently struggling with in your life

  2. Get out a pen and paper or your computer

  3. Imagine the letter is coming from your future self, five years in the future. Your future self is looking back with wisdom and love and offering your present self compassion and guidance. (i.e. I'm so grateful that you are having this challenging experience because you've learned so much from it about self-compassion, perseverance and taking risks)

  4. Talk in the second person (i.e. Dear Lisa,...)

  5. Describe to yourself the feelings you’re experiencing (i.e. I can tell you are being hard on yourself, I can see that you’re frustrated about feeling stuck)

  6. Insert a message of common humanity which helps connect you to all others. (i.e. Lisa, you are only human and it's completely normal to feel this way and to have these experiences)

  7. Offer yourself guidance and self-kindness, the same way you would give encouragement to a friend in need. (i.e. I'm so proud of you for your commitment and bravery in the face of uncertainty)

  8. Sign the letter with love, decorate it with stickers or drawings if you feel inspired to do so. Keep the letter somewhere you will see it and read it often, particularly during challenging times

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