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The goal of the walk is to notice as many pleasurable things as possible, slowly, one after another. Using all your senses—sight, smell, sound, touch... maybe even taste.

How many happy, beautiful, or inspiring things can you notice while you’re walking? Do you enjoy the fresh air, the warm sun, a beautiful leaf, the shape of a stone, a smiling face, the song of a bird, the feeling of the earth under your feet?

When you find something delightful or pleasant, let yourself go into it. Really enjoy it. Feel a tender leaf or the texture of a stick, if you like. Give yourself over to the experience as if it were the only think that existed in the world. And when you are ready to discover something new, let it go and wait until you discover something else that is pleasurable and delightful to you.

Be like a honeybee going from one flower full of nectar to another. When you are full with one, go to another.

Take your time and enjoy!