MBA Science of Happiness Mini Course


MBA Science of Happiness Mini Course


What’s Included In The Science of Happiness:

  • Step by step detailed guide on how to expand your level of happiness

  • MBA Happiness Booster Assessment to get your baseline happiness level

  • Comprehensive 60 page Science of Happiness Exercise Workbook featuring 90+ happiness booster exercises

  • Video tutorials on the 12 most effective happiness boosting strategies backed by science

  • Happiness boosting meditations

  • BONUS: Recordings from 3 Group “Happiness Power Sessions” with Vanessa and Lisa followed by Q&A

  • Everything listed above will be available for download to be accessed at any time or repeated in the future so you can get a happiness boost as often as you like!

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The Science of Happiness is a Step by Step results based program. 

  • Grounded in science, this mini course is tailored for busy people who are tight on time and want access to the most effective tools and resources for habit transformation.

The Science of Happiness provides practical solutions, daily exercises and resources that will help transform your life.

  • Many of us are so busy chasing happiness in external things such as the next promotion, the bigger house, the nicer vacation that true and lasting happiness eludes us. Have you ever gotten that “thing” you wanted, only to discover within a few months that you weren’t really that much happier? Yup, we've been there too.

Research shows the key to long term happiness is changing our internal landscape, not our external one.

  • Many people wonder if we’re just born happy, or not. As it turns out, we do have a happiness set point. But this determines only 50% of our happiness level. Surprisingly, only 10% is based on our external circumstances (That’s why that promotion/house/pair of shoes didn’t really make you happy in the long term), while 40% is based on intentional activities.

40% of your happiness is based on intentional activities - that's REALLY GOOD NEWS, especially if you know which activities are scientifically proven to increase happiness!

  • We believe you can create Success with Ease by playing in that 40%. Changing circumstances can take longer and be more dramatic, but you can make a big impact immediately with your intentional activities!