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Mindfulness Based Achievement (MBA) 6 Week Online Program

In a supportive and focused atmosphere, mindfulness and leadership experts Vanessa Loder and Lisa Abramson of Mindfulness Based Achievement facilitate high potential female leaders through an in depth program of engaging instruction, personalized assessments, executive coaching, guided meditations, visualizations and group discussion. Every element of the 6 week program is focused on enhancing the innate leadership capabilities of the participants and delivering positive results on an individual and organizational level.

As a participant, you will gain the insights and skills you need to create sustainable success and achieve your goals without burning out. With research-based teaching and experiential activities on mindfulness, peak performance and self-compassion from Vanessa and Lisa, participants will improve productivity, enhance emotional intelligence and prepare to take on the challenges and uncertainty that every successful leader must face.


Attendees will walk away with the following:

  • Weekly Planning Guide

  • Power Hour Instructions For Optimal Performance

  • Guided Meditations

  • How To Shift From Inner Critic To Inner Coach

  • Self-Compassion Toolkit

  • How To Get Clarity & Visualize Success

  • Cultivating Gratitude Handout

  • Creating Habits For Success

  • Ending Procrastination With The Commitment & Recommitment Process

  • Personalized Roadmap for “How To Lean In Without Burning Out”


Recent Testimonial from an Exec at Salesforce

Thanks to my manager for agreeing to cover the cost [of MBA] in the hopes that it would strengthen my management skills I was able to enroll.

The results of that experience have been beyond my wildest expectations.  I am able to handle stress and uncertainty in a way I never thought possible.  I set audacious goals, and I continue on in the face of obstacles.  My productivity, commitment and passion for my work has increased many hundreds of times over.

I honestly don't know if I would still be working at Salesforce as the person I was before I started using these tools - self-compassion, mindfulness, present focus - as the stress we've undergone over the past six months has been more than I could have handled before, let alone handled with ease as I was able to.


How Does the MBA Program Work?


  • Work at your own pace: We recommend working through the 6 modules over six weeks for maximum effectiveness. But if you need more time, no worries, the course is yours to keep and revisit whenever you’d like.


  • Learn how you learn best: The program is multimedia and is delivered in video format, an audio download, guided meditations, one-of-a-kind exercises, detailed action steps to keep you on track, and a written summary. Plus live coaching calls - get airtime to ask questions about your specific situation. We won’t be dishing cookie cutter advice, we’ll be actually giving you the tools and resources so you can tackle your situation with confidence. We definitely believe that it’s most important and most helpful in the long run to teach a person how to fish. No pre-packed frozen lean cuisine salmon with basil dinners, because that’s just gross.


  • Mobile and Tablet Friendly: The program can be viewed online or on your device and watched on the go.


  • Revisit and Review as Much As You’d Like: Want to take your time, or review the program again each January as part of your new year goal setting? Go for it, the materials are yours to keep.


  • Join our Community: You’ll have the option to be partnered with a Buddy to support you through the program. We recommend you touch base weekly either through text, email, phone or Facetime. your call! And, hey, you might even end up with a new friend, woohoo!


  • Stay on Track: We’re also including our most popular meditations including the Deep Sleep Visualization ($29.97), an Extended Future Self Visualization ($29.97 Value), and 30 five minute meditations to transform habits ($149.97 Value).


There are five modules to the MBA Program

1.  Mindfulness, Taking Responsibility, and Connecting to Your Values

2.  Conscious Goal Setting and Getting Clarity on What You Want

3.  Moving Through Fear and Resistance

4.  Self-Compassion and Willpower

5.  Productivity and Time Management

BONUS: Creating Your Personalized Roadmap