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I just love the meditations. They are the right amount of time for a crazy busy executive. Great way to start every day, for me.
— Sarah
The length of your meditations are like a mental glass of fresh cool water—long enough to feel refreshed, but not so long as to be either exhausting or sleep-inducing.
— Kyle
I like the variety of meditations that are offered through MBA. The creativity in each one is amazing. And the meditations have increased my focus and concentration.
— Melissa



And if you still need a few more reasons to start your meditation practice, meditation has been scientifically proven to:

I have a regular meditation practice but I’ve been enjoying the content and message of each day’s meditation. It’s so hard to believe sometimes that 4 minutes can really help to ground you but, these are proving otherwise.”
— Vikki Van Sooy
Helping you commit to four minutes or more a day to create success in an easier way!
— Vanessa and Lisa, Co-Founders of Mindfulness Based Achievement