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What people are saying about MBA meditations...

I have a regular meditation practice but wanted to participate in this as well. I really have been enjoying the content and message of each day’s meditation. It’s so hard to believe sometimes that 4 minutes can really help to ground you but, these are proving otherwise.
— Vikki Van Sooy, San Jose, California
A perfect way to start the day!
— Lesley Harte
I just love the meditations that happen every day. They are the right amount of time for a crazy busy executive. Great way to start every day, for me.
I like the variety of meditations that are offered through MBA. The creativity in each one is amazing. And the meditations have increased my focus and concentration.
— Melissa
I am committed to my mental and physical health. As an attorney, my job and life can be extremely stressful. My busy schedule makes MBA’s 4-5 minute daily meditations a perfect balance to my otherwise hectic schedule.
— Luisa
Glad to start this again! I passed it along to all of my teammates at work, as well, in hopes that it would help them!
— Amanda Benincasa
The length of your meditations are like a mental glass of fresh cool water—long enough to feel refreshed, but not so long as to be either exhausting or sleep-inducing.
I love the soothing and encouraging words in the meditations. I sometimes listen to them multiple times and take notes so I can save them as sticky notes/in my journal to look back on during times of need.
— Charisma
I love that I get at least 4 minutes of silence from all the chaos of a single mom’s life! Haha! Thank you! :)
— Julie Tampus
Perfect way to start the day. Also a wonderful tool to use during the one break we get in a nine hour day. Thank you ladies!
— Jodi Beck, Minnesota
Lovely gentle meditation that takes just few minutes - go on - try it!
— Mosami, UK
Your guided meditations over these last few weeks have brought some insights in just 4 minutes where as 4 days (9hrs a day meditation) didn’t get me in the same way.
— Kyle
It’s so hard to find time for myself with a 1yr old and 3 yr old who wake me up bright and early each day but I got them set up downstairs with their breakfast and a cartoon and came back into my room upstairs to do this. I found it wasn’t as difficult as I was expecting and actually went by very quickly. Thank you!
— Caitlin Rives Hatzenbuhler
[The MBA Meditations have] transformed my productivity.... Even though I didn’t consciously make a choice to change, doing your 5-minute meditations first thing in the morning has somehow helped me wake up before my alarm and turn mornings into my productive time so that I can go to bed at a decent hour.
— Angela
Life has become very hectic with work stresses and family pressures. MBA meditations help you to become level-headed and enable you to live an enhanced quality of life. They also aid in making better choices and decisions in life and in business.
— Kamlesh
Wonderful way to start each day.
— Anne Osada
Your meditations are such a lovely thing to wake up to! I’ve enjoyed all so far, all for different reasons, but most importantly, for helping me sense the feeling in my body. Remembering to get “out of your head” and into you body has been something I’m working on lately - thank you for this! I also love how you give examples - examples of things to be grateful for - this is awesome for remembering that even the simplest of things (eating a healthy meal for instance), is something to acknowledge.
— Suzie Hall
Excellent. Just what I needed. Thanks
— Jean O'Driscoll, Cork
I am doing this challenge with my 3rd grade class. At the end of the first day, a student who usually yells out all day long said that this had been the best day ever. When I asked him why, he said it was because of the meditation. He felt so calm that he didn’t need to talk all day. I’m finding myself to be calmer and more in the moment with my students.
— Karen